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Where to start?
Have a quick look at the following pages to get in the ride more easily with the Cherry Forest main features!
What is the mod about?
Created by ADM, ClaireMya, and Notecja. Cherry Forest adds a new island somewhere in the sea of your worlds. Including new mobs, boss, tons of hidden crafts and resources, cooking recipes, many new decorative and useful plants, turfs and buildings to discover in game and this wiki. With soundtracks made by Potriel and the mod's own character: Wirlywings.
Featured Article
Cherry Forest.png

Cherryling wave.png
Cherry Forest

The Cherry Forest is a new island that appears in the Constant's ocean. The majority of the mod content resides within it. It's also the spawn point of Wirlywings.

Since the Cherry Forest is an island, players would need to prepare a boat to find, reach it and get started in the new adventure this place holds. Continue...

  • Cherry Forest works fine on its own and with most mods. If it isn't the case for you, please report any issues (with crash log / bug reports) on the Discord server so we can look up what's wrong. Don't know where to find your log files? Head here.
  • The Wiki is mainly created (and maintained) by Steamerclaw and ADM. Tell us on the Discord server if there is any missing page you're looking forward or if anything looks messy / outdated.
Want More?
  • Download the mod and create a new world or retrofit old ones!
  • Get previews of future updates and find new friends on our Discord.